NYC act Vina Love drops vibrant, empowering track
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NYC hailing talent Vina love puts the powerful track "N.F.S." Derived from the New York slang "no funny shit", which is supposed to show people that you mean business, the woozy offer gives the characteristic wildness of Love a new dynamic.

With moments of softness pouring into the smooth flow of her singing, the track stays powerful while conveying a confident message that as long as they aren't messing around with her, she loves everyone. A great reminder for everyone that we don't have to please everyone, "N.F.S." also comes with vivid images that take us on a journey through daily life in New York.

The track is full of warm, summery vibes that capture the good and loving people in your life and at the same time defend themselves against anyone who brings in negativity against softer voices that connect with their listeners.

DJ's daughter Child Capri, Music is an integral part of Love's identity, as the singer-songwriter, professional dancer and performer discovered at a very young age a natural talent and passion for flowing harmonies that has managed to build a steady fan base, is developing into one complete work. This latest track is just a taste of the versatility she wants to show in the future.

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