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It’s not every day a murder plot against you gets foiled by police. It would appear however, that this was the news Australian rap group ONEFOUR recently had to wake up to.

The two men, named in the media as Brandon Maseuli and Yousef Rima had allegedly been plotting to kill four members of the drill group. These include Jerome “J Emz” Misa, Pio “YP” Misa, Spencer “Spenny” Magalogo and Dahcell “Celly” Ramos. Fifth member, Salec “Lekks” Su’a, however was not targeted.

Magalogo later posted a photo to Instagram after news of the alleged murder plot was released. The since edited image was paired with the 50 Cent song Many Men (Wish Death): “Many men wish death upon me. Blood in my eye darling I can’t see. I’m trying to be what I’m destined to be.”

The two men are part of an international criminal syndicate that originated in Lebanon. The syndicate allegedly takes contracts to carry out violent crimes such as murders and kidnapping.

Sydney Morning Herald said that the plot against the ONEFOUR members is believed to have been caused from a conflict between the rappers and another group.  

Police only discovered the plot as part of a broader investigation into the syndicate. Police also allege that the crime group has been linked to several kidnappings, including one involving more than 722kg of cocaine.

The two men were arrested in Sydney on Thursday on multiple charges. Both suspects appeared before the Liverpool Local Court later that day. They have since been refused bail.

Despite being one of Australia’s best known rap groups, ONEFOUR themselves have also had several runs- ins with the Australian police. Their music contains themes and lyrics which police claim can incite violence in audiences.

However, there is no suggestion from the NSW Police that any members of ONEFOUR are involved in any criminal activity.

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