Nirvana's Krist Novoselic is working on a new solo album
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Is former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic working on a new solo album he’s planning to release next month?

Apparently, yes.

NME reported the news that Novoselic was “really busy trying to finish a record,” according to a now-deleted tweet.

He was replying to his own post sharing a 2011 interview he did with Bassplayer magazine, which he recalled “being happy with how it turned out.”

Guitar World republished the interview in full to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind.

But it’s not just the tweet that has been deleted – Novoselic’s entire Twitter account has been suspended.

Krist Novoselic’s suspended Twitter account

Novoselic famously deleted his social media in 2020 after copping backlash to a tweet about Trump.

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Now, it appears the famous bassist’s account has been removed for “violating Twitter Rules” – but he is still online, and so is the post. Novoselic shared the same post to his blog, Deep River Dispatch:

“Here is an interview from 2011 I did with Bassplayer magazine. I have not read this in years, but recall being happy with how it turned out,” he wrote.

“Note how I am referred to as a ‘political activist’. I don’t consider myself a political activist, rather, I engage the political system. I find, especially on social media, too many confuse web surfing, or sharing memes as activism. Engaging the system involves trying to understand policy, and associating with likeminded others to try and affect change.”

He finished the post with: “I am really busy trying to finish a record. In the middle of some hangups – looking for a mid-March release. Visitors to this blog have seen glimpses of “Third Secret”. But it’s a secret, so don’t tell anybody!!!”

Preceding the February 19th posts were two short videos dated February 17th and 15th, captioned “The Third Secret” and “More of the Third Secret” respectively.

On February 14th, Novoselic posted an image from a recording studio, with a very cryptic caption:

“This consciousness potential rotations of the center of light — and sample return space making them thru inter library Co. The Peter Tompkins and DISSEMINATION of arc per year ☞Mental Plane☜ and includes in most widely dispersed blown outward SCALAR Motion is Encouraged. Not all water to increase in time on patent number, of the body when asked or Mahanta. For example, one supplier of artificial birth Control, what they are a single white dwarf star? But are a DE focused mode spread out the zone and worse by Barbara Marciniak. Now, so that resemble a few gopher servers, too as prevent the physical universe of All in spite of REincarnation — and the First Amendment Constitutional Right after launch the WHIMS of part of this work off the heavier. The Gamma Ray Bursts are called “The Zone” and at Cygnus X, in the deflection of all Åstrophysical portions of as the Caspian word in crystals.”

Source: Deep River Dispatch

Former bandmate Dave Grohl divulged just last year that he and the other surviving members of Nirvana not only jam together but record “really cool” new music too.

“Krist Novoselic is a pilot, he flies his own plane… he lives up in the Pacific Northwest and whenever he comes down to Los Angeles, you know, we always love to see each other and we’ll have dinner,” he told SPIN at the time.

“And you know if we’re in a studio, we’ll record them. So we’ve recorded some stuff that’s really cool. But we’ve never done anything with it… it’s more just like friends, jamming around, it doesn’t really seem like any sort of like big official reunion.”

Whilst it’s unclear why Novoselic would choose “The Third Secret” as a project title, it may be in reference to the Third Secret of Fatima, which were a series of apocalyptic visions and prophecies purportedly given to three young Portuguese shepherds in 1917.

It’s still not clear what “Twitter Rules” Novoselic broke, or if he suspended the account himself.

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