Niomi delves into physical and emotional pain on Pain Relief
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Irish-Pakistani artist based in London Niomi channels pain in music and finds relief on the potent second EP Pain Relief. Consisting of three ethereal tracks that trace difficulties in their lives, led by their soft, emotionally charged singing accompanied by gently lulling soundscapes. Drawn from her struggles with endometriosis, the production weaves catharsis from a core of personal pain.

The EP begins with the haunted, vulnerable style of "Love Is" and swirls through the haze of painful experiences with messages of love for oneself and others. The piano-led standout "Never That Easy" underscores her husky performance as she sings about a relationship that crumbles despite her best efforts, while the final track, "With You," transitions into a heartbreaking exploration of abusive relationships, framed by rising support become singing and minimal sounds of the piano.

Pain Relief takes us on a fulfilling journey in just three tracks, providing a glimpse into the most intimate cases of pain, with the encouragement to take a moment to feel and embrace the need before moving on as a stronger person. After Niomi made a strong impression with her debut EP in early 2021, Niomi finds solace and confidence in her music and herself in this latest foray, at the center of her rough but delicate voice and hypercontemplative narratives.

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