Nile Rodgers Wants to Release Unrelased Collabs With Avicii:

Unreleased music by Avicii is rare, but Nile Rodgers may have access to a treasury.

The famous guitarist and singer-songwriter recently appeared on the Norwegian-Swedish television talk show Skavlan, where he chatted about music he recorded with the late dance music legend. According to Rodgers, their collaborative vault contains many never-before-heard musical ideas that he would like to release with the blessings of Avicii's family and his estate.

Rodgers co-wrote Avicii's single "Lay Me Down," which appeared on Avicii's 2013 debut album, True. He said that if Avicii's family asked him, he would love to mix up the many other tracks they recorded because he "knew what Tim was thinking". Rodgers added that he wasn't interested in working on music that he wasn't involved in.

"I love Tim. We wrote a lot," Rodgers said. “I've always said – and I've said that many times before – if you put Tim and me in the same room for a week, we could write the entire top ten. I mean, that's how talented he was as a natural melody writer. Though he didn't read notes, he didn't understand them technically, but for some reason, spiritually and artistically, he had a gift. "

Check out the interview below.

In a 2018 interview with Variety held after Avicii's tragic death at the age of 28, Rodgers said there is a lot of music they recorded together that has yet to be released.

"There are tons! Tons!" Rodgers said then. "We went in in the morning and wrote 5-6 songs every time we worked together."




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