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Revealing how he stays fit while preparing for shows, Nikki Sixx says, "Health and exercise have become such a part of my life."

Describing his fitness routine with Fit N Lean for her A Conversation With series, the Mötley Crüe rocker said, “My family is naturally obese. I weigh 195 pounds, six one. When I have full cardio and light, moderate weights, I go back to about 185 but actually put on a little bit.

“So I have to work really hard. My body wants 200 – it wants that. And not necessarily for vanity reasons – I just don't work well [with a heavier weight]; the machines don't work well; I don't think well; I don't sleep well. So health and exercise have become a part of my life.

He continued, "I think back, even at Shout At The Devil I drank a lot of whiskey back then, but I remember trying to get into some kind of training, training things to prepare for the tour, because you can take it on stage.

“People come from all over to see you play and you just stand up there, very tired with a beer belly. I mean this is irresponsible. There are a million other bands that would like your job.

"[Exercise and health] has been a big part of my life," added Nikki.

“And now I'm trying to eat right and get enough sleep. One of the things I love is that I use this whoop app that is monitoring my sleep. I used to have an Oura ring. I try to keep track of all that stuff for my energy because I want to keep creating stuff and then I go on tour.

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“So you can't go too far down the rabbit hole. I have to stay tuned or it will affect everything right away. And [if] you have a two year old, you stop by at the end of your day, whether you're writing songs, or doing interviews, or you're at work, and that little person needs your time, and I have four older kids, and they need theirs Time with your father and time with my wife and friends, you never run out of energy.

"So the training and the fuel are super important."

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Check out Nikki Sixx in A Conversation With:


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