Moon Tranquility Spa
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If you thought the Las Vegas themed resorts weren't extra enough, think again.

If space travel is too rich for you to attend a concert, Sin City is bringing the cosmos straight to you soon after two Canadian entrepreneurs announced their plans to build a spherical moon-themed resort in the western gambling mecca.

Aptly named Moon, the resort will host a variety of attractions, including an exceptional nightclub. According to the Daily Mail, the nightclub will be positioned directly under a model spaceship with lights on the attendees. There is currently no project completion date.

Sketch of a "Moon Tranquity Spa" as part of the Moon World Resorts in Las Vegas.

The resort will be the largest sphere in the world and the second tallest building in Las Vegas at 735 feet. It's by far the most ambitious resort in town as their plans include a glass floor walkway simulating weather patterns underneath, an active lunar colony simulating the moon, a moon buggy ride, and more.

The project was originally planned for Coachella in 2016, but was heavily criticized across the board. In an interview with Vice, former Coachella executive David Garcia stated that "it is difficult to express an opinion on a project that only exists as poorly rendered graphic designs". It is likely that Moon will encounter similar skepticism again.

Learn more about Moon here.


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