A new one stop shop for dubstep has been introduced to change the way you look for new music.

140 Plates is a new digital marketplace that was founded by the respected DUPLOC label boss Pieter Grauwels. The platform only hosts music at or around 140 BPM, including dubstep, trap, and grime, which allows DJs to browse the tangled categories of their larger competing marketplaces and jump straight into the types of music they're looking for.


Additionally, this search method could help DJs broaden their horizons as they may find something that suits their niche as they dig boxes on the platform. This is supported by the "Explore" function of 140 plates. When users click the tab, they can choose from tracks or releases, and also how long ago the song was. The marketplace then presents you with 18 tracks that match your search.

Artists who sell their music on 140 records are also paid better than other digital music storefronts. According to a press release, the market will need three times less per sale than the competition.

“Digital music stores tend not to promote dubstep and 140 music because they don't generate the same revenue as other genres, rarely see advertisements or support on their home page, and yet still get quite a bit of billing for the customer and creator a lot, "said Grauwels." To leave less to the artist or music creator than we think he deserves. We are here to change that. Dubstep and 140 are our passion and love, so we're pushing the music genre across the site and paying artists fairer in order to avoid losing revenue for us. "

You can read 140 records here.


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