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New Natty Reeves always means instant bliss. The Brighton-based multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer's latest single, titled "5:23 am," blurs the lines between soul, jazz and hip-hop in the characteristically charming manner that Natty is known for.

We have been passionate about Natty's multi-layered and well-known rich melodies and groove-heavy drums from the start to reinforce his newly developed sound which shows the growth of his production and music as an artist. On this track, Natty is in good company with Dutch producer and multi-instrumentalist Marnix De Haus, who consistently delivers some very appetizing keys to add the finishing touches to the exciting start of an adorable and powerful new work by Natty.

"5:23 am" is the first single from his upcoming album Our Time, which will be released in August 2021 on his ubiquitous label DeepMatter Records.

Natty Reeves 5:23 am (Feat. Marnix FJ)

5:23 am (Feat. Marnix FJ) – Natty Reeves 03:35


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