Mysterious and beautiful vibes are emerging from Blachord’s latest melodic techno release!
Oxymoron Dream Artwork 1 696x696.jpg

Panos Divanis, aka Blachord, is a Greek-born electronic artist and producer. Driven by his life experiences, Blachord creates music that connects, motivates and pushes the boundaries of our perception and drives us to introspective conversations. Located in the techno mecca of Berlin, Blachord delivers an uninhibited aura with sounds driven by raw emotions through melodies and pulsating basslines.

As a producer, when you're creating a song, you want to convey a message or put the listener in a certain state filled with emotion and chills. Then you know you did a great job! Blachord succeeds with "Oxymoron Dream" and he has my full admiration.

The drumming is steady and fluid, while the minimal leads and synths interventions add the required dose of mysterious atmosphere, surrounded by overlaid raised pads. Top notch work from our Greek producer! Hear it below and already save it to your favorite Spotify playlist!

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