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Pop-punk is firmly back in fashion, and Maggie Lindemann is one of the leading lights of the genre today. 

After becoming a sensation on social media, the singer-songwriter released her eagerly-anticipated debut album, SUCKERPUNCH, last year, earning strong reviews for finding her proper style and sound following her teenage years making bubblegum pop.

This week saw Lindemann land in Australia for her first-ever tour of the country. After impressing a packed Melbourne crowd last night, she next heads to The Triffid in Brisbane on Saturday, followed by a final show at Sydney’s Crowbar the following day.

Ahead of her Australian shows, we got Lindemann to break down her best memories of her world tour to date,  featuring unexpected mosh pits, heartwarming family moments, and hilarious technical hiccups.

Maggie Lindemann 2023 Australian Tour

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Saturday, May 6th*
The Triffid, Brisbane, QLD

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Sunday, May 7th**
Crowbar, Sydney, NSW

*with Sunbleached
**with Besties

Maggie Lindemann’s 5 Favourite World Tour Memories (So Far)


I had a mosh pit for the first time at my LA show. That was really cool, I’ve had a mosh pit before when I was opening for someone else, but I’d never had my own mosh pit before. That was a really cool experience and it was really memorable.


I opened up for Sabrina Carpenter a couple of years ago at Irving Plaza in New York. And on my SUCKERPUNCH tour this year, I sold out that same venue! It was really cool just to see that parallel and have that full circle kind of moment.



I love going out, but for this tour so far I haven’t gone out too much, because I’ve been trying to take it a little bit more seriously than other tours. I’ve been like: “okay, I’m not opening, I have to do good!” I mean, I always have to do good, but for this – I wanna be on my shit, I don’t wanna mess up! So I didn’t go out too much yet on this tour until Houston.

In Houston, my dad and my brother came out, and my grandparents and my boyfriend and his family came too, it was a whole thing. And so we went out and it was just really fun. I drank only Bourbon the entire time, which is really different for me, I usually drink Tequila. It was just such a fun night having my family and some of my best friends too who came out. Just getting drunk with everyone was really fun. We had to drive to Dallas the next morning, which sucked really bad – but it was still really fun!


My mum also came out for three of the shows, and that was her first time seeing a SUCKERPUNCH set. It was really cool just to have her there with me, and she was so excited. During one of the songs I mentioned my mum and she was just super gassed up and jumping around and having so much fun. It was really cute and wholesome.


The last one I’d probably say is the Dallas show, it was the last show in America for the
SUCKERPUNCH Tour, and that’s where I’m from originally. One of my very best friends came to that, she’s my oldest friend, I’ve known her since I was in elementary school. She came with her boyfriend, and my cousin and god-family came as well, which was awesome.

But it was our last show, and there was a lot of fuck ups, my mic kept unplugging – and I didn’t even notice! It was
so embarrassing, I was like: “why can’t I hear myself?!” Like – what the fuck?! And then one of the fans in the front row was like: “your mic’s unplugged!” I didn’t even notice! So, that was really, really embarrassing, I thought my pack was messing up or something. And the mic unplugged a bunch of times.

And then my guitar player’s pedals stopped working at some point, he had a guitar solo right when his guitar wasn’t working. We had to pause the show and it was just a mess! My mic kept coming out and then my pack at one point went out, so I couldn’t hear the band, I couldn’t hear anything! It’s typical, of course it would happen at the last show, but it was still really funny.

I was just like: “sorry, guys! We can’t hear anything, we don’t know what’s going on!” But everyone had a fun time and it was still really cool. Of course it would be the last show when everything was just going wrong.

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