Mura Masa Opens Up About Mental Health and Music Production In Candid Reddit AMA -
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In an open Reddit AMA ("ask me everything"), Mura Masa spoke about his journey to mental health.

After a fan asked him about notable achievements in helping his creative process and anything that has helped his psychological wellbeing, Masa said he started taking therapy, improving his sleep, and eating healthier and more regularly .

"But to be honest, I was still feeling mentally exhausted and on antidepressants, and it really changed my life," he said. "Fear basically dictated all of my decisions / movements (sic). I can only tell to anyone reading it, if you feel like things are not going right for you mentally, then take your hand and make a few changes I had no idea how fun life can be, it's kind of crazy that normal people just walk around here and chill like that, haha. "

When another fan asked if it was therapeutic or "mentally stressful" for Masa to write about personal emotions in his music, he said it was part of the creative process. "I find that no matter what you do, you are really writing about your own experiences because that is all you can ever do," he said. "I think I just see it as part of the process of being creative."

The "2gether" producer, who is currently preparing the release of his third album, also spoke about how he chooses sounds in his work and approaches the instrumentation. By limiting himself to a few sounds for this "era" of sound, he is able to refine the creation of the songs instead of searching through thousands of samples to find the right kick or clap. This is a process he is using for his upcoming album.

“I went for this aesthetic, which I'm really excited about, and then basically spent some time creating folders of drums, synthesizer presets, and samples that would go with the job,” he wrote. "Basically like a painter who mixes a range of colors before touching the canvas."

You can read Mura Masa's full Reddit AMA from December 2021 here.


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