Mr. Alec Bowman_Clarke - A Place Like Home
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Mr. Alec Bowman_Clarke – A place like home

Corduroy Punk Records – October 29, 2021

Every time you think you are in control, listen Mr. Alec Bowman _Clarke Throws everything under one roof, that certainly also applies to his new EP A Place Like Home. Change is a constant, which is why Bowman became Bowman_Clarke and contains his partner's (and producer's) last name. Josienne Clarke. The album was written in the heart of the lockdown and is part of his search for meaning that involves many things that sometimes seem to contradict each other.

Lockdown has affected us all differently, but there are some constants; One is trying to make sense of everything. But “Deleted Scenes” points out the places where meanings may have been harder to find. When the tape clicks, Bowman_Clarke goes to work, guitar at the ready, "If we are not made up of more than the sum of our parts / There is nothing to fight to be different / Stuck in the soul of an animal" Rain. "It just sounds a little gloomy, but as he continues, he begins to consider the fact that we, like most people, can hold two opposing views at the same time:" I know it sounds crazy to believe in one thing / That cannot be discovered by measuring / One day they will find it and then you will see that I am right. ”The proof is out there; we just haven't found it yet. Then the tape clicks off.

Even when things seem daunting, Bowman_Clarke paints pictures with a brush full of humor, though some of it can be incredibly grumpy. Guitar and clarinet frame a scene in “The Ghost of Mistakes” that can hardly be described as domestic bliss: “Tell me about who you before me / and all the things you wanted to be / and how you will never be none of them now / around with me complaining. ”Not exactly a picture of domestic calm, but the lockdown had that effect on everyone. Excuses became a way of life: "Stuck here with me all the time / is enough to drive anyone crazy." And the days go on, inconspicuous, undiminished and undeniably boring.

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Sometimes when you write in lockdown you remember how things were. Such is the case with "A Place Like Home," where even the memories are more than a little depressing. Josienne Clarke adds a high harmony to Bowman_Clarke's memories of the loneliness on the street: “That empty, hollow echo in your bones / You're lucky to have only one place / spend the whole night talking on your phone / Where everyone Having its place seems like being at home. "Even if home is not a place to rest at home, it is a place to be, and that can make all the difference.

In the ongoing saga of Mr. Alec Bowman_Clarke, A Place Like Home states that he is an artist of extraordinary depth. Bowman_Clarke finds ways to record emotions that many would have preferred to keep hidden at a time when the stresses of everyday life make us reach for straws to stay sane, and reveals the inner voices, thoughts, and horrors of his own human weakness .

"A place like home" (October 29) can be pre-ordered, downloaded and streamed on CD at:

There is also a Bandcamp-exclusive, digital-only disc called ‘A place like home demos’ available here –


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