Mike Zito releases “Don’t Let The World Get You Down” video

March 29, 2020

Mike Zito publishes video "Don't let the world get you down"

Mike Zito has released a music video for "Don & # 39; t Let The World Get You Down".

"I played with these 3 chords and this track for a month before this life changing event happened. I knew I liked the simple melody and meaning behind the saying. I didn't know that the world would literally change in the next 30 days. When I got home and started my quarantine, this was the first song I wrote that wrote itself in minutes. I am so proud that my son Zach came in and made a music video that shares the emotions of this song. I really hope people will hear the song and follow the advice I gave myself. Don't let the world get you down, ”said Zito about the track.

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