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After one of her most successful years in the studio to date, internationally acclaimed US techno sensation Michelle Sparks rolls into the new year as she unveils her next big release on the one-of-a-kind Octopus Recordings with Yakuza.

the relentless six-minute cut delivers everything we expect from the Phoenix-based artist, specially selected by Chef Honcho Sian to open the brand new Warehouse Focus VA compilation on the label's more underground-oriented subsidiary, Octopus Warehouse series.

Pounding basslines, acid hooks and frenetic rhythms ignite the five-track package, while Michelle takes us on an intense peak-time journey through the impressive compilation opener. Known for her experimental soundscapes and tough atmospheres, Michelle's unique underground treatment of yakuza is both wonderfully dark and hypnotic, captivating the listener from the first kick drum. With incredible complexity, energy, and complexity throughout the duration, Michelle harnesses her innate ability to pull you into a dark, industrial construct as she explores a remarkable range of timbres across the techno spectrum.


Commenting on the publication, Michelle commented:

“Yakuza came into being over the summer when I was working in my studio. It has a hefty dose of driving dance floor energy and a pinch of dark, dystopian fervor, steeped in rough, acidic warehouse vibes. "

With a forward-leaning sound imbued with deep musicality and raw, pared-down minimalism, Michelle's productions show a hyper-focused and extraordinarily talented artist eager to push the envelope. Recognized in the industry for her uniquely atmospheric and futuristic sound tastes, her ability to blend complex textures with underground rave aesthetics is unmatched, while her minimalist grooves and dark, sweeping melodies continue to push the boundaries of techno. Michelle Sparks – Yakuza is available now through the Octopus Warehouse Series as part of the Warehouse Focus VA Compilation in January 2022.

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