Ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted is 'not joining Megadeth'
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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich described the shows for the band's 40th anniversary as an “unearthly experience”.

The two 40th anniversary shows took place as part of their “San Francisco Takeover,” a four-day celebration of their anniversary that also included a film festival, photo exhibition and smaller shows with other acts.

Ulrich has since visited Instagram to share photos from the gigs, along with a caption stating that he was "Overfuckinwhelmed!"

"It takes me two days to get down from this otherworldly experience," he said.

“Over the past week you have heard me make a few speeches and say a lot of things. Since I don't want to repeat myself (too much!), I will keep this brief THANK YOU!

He continued, "Metallica is not me or you. Metallica is all of us. It is a mindset that we all share, it is a goal that we all seek, it is an element that keeps us alive, it is our common goal."

“You think it's real. You keep us inspired and alive. This thing exists because of you. "

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"40 years ?! Who would have thought that whatever it is could live and breathe for so long, connect people, still be reasonably relevant and still exist forty years later ?? !!"

“Thanks to everyone who made it possible. Thanks to each and every one of you who believed in the possibility of music. Thank you to each and every one of you for being Metallica. "

Those who missed seeing the gigs in person will be able to watch reruns of both shows on-demand via Amazon Prime this Christmas weekend.

Please refer to the Metal Observer for more information on this topic.

Check out Lars Ulrich talking about Metallica's 40th Anniversary shows:


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