MeSo Launches New Label, Drops Bass Music Compilation Stacked With Young Talent -
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In a crowded bass music space, MeSo tries to carve out a niche for himself and his endless list of talented friends. The Chicago-based producer has launched his new label, JIYU, along with a compilation filled to the brim with forward-thinking bass music.

Liberate Vol. 1 features a handful of names that many may already know, as well as a healthy dose of newcomers. The entire compilation is incredibly inspired, regardless of genre, to allow each artist a clean creative flow. There is never a dull moment throughout the album, with innovation spilling over time as time goes on.

It's difficult to single out any tracks here as outstanding due to their sheer quality. Super Future's "Make You Wanna" is a particularly catchy tune, while Dank Frank's "Outside In" keeps your mind spinning to the end. SAGZ and MeSo themselves also did an excellent job on "Do It Like", cultivating an odd and shaky flow that befits their signature sounds.

Listen to Liberate Vol. 1 below.

MeSo has become something of an entrepreneur in the music space over the last year, taking over his new label JIYU while also running his artist management company MUZE TALENT.

“I created JIYU to create a space for talented/engaged friends to connect, learn and grow together while being free to express themselves however they want,” explains MeSo. "JIYU means 'free' in Japanese. 'Liberate, Deliver, Extricate' are the synonyms used to mark each compilation we will release."




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