MEGAN & Brøder released a sublime deep house remix for “Sonatine” by Chilla!
Sonatine Remix Art 2 1 696x696.png

MEGAN & Brøder recently released a brand new song remix for Chilla’s “Sonatine” and we just love it because it’s a beautiful blend of genres between melodic house and deep house which will make you fall in love with it instantly.

“Sonatine“ remix is an electronic love story that combines the best of house and deep house music. Featuring soft, rolling basslines and dreamy soundscapes, MEGAN & Brøder let velvety original vocals genuinely shine, while they created the instrumental around the lyrics, in a way that make the heart both break and soar at the same time. MEGAN & Brøder upbeat melodies serve as a perfect backdrop for the angelic vocal tones, building to a gently deep house drop, designed to make the listener dance with passion.

Overall this a great production by the MEGAN & Brøder and you don’t have to take my word for it, just press play and you will convince yourself.


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