Max Mason revisits his past on moody electronic
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Max Mason takes up his past on the moody electronic "Romjet" (video) – EARMILK

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Coarse-grained, dark and really dirty producer from Vietnam Max Mason releases moody electronic new single "Romjet". The single purposely aims to portray the sometimes aggressive reality of life for some in Asia with its rough drums and dizzying bass line. She illuminates the struggles of inner-city life in Cambodia with depth and compassion.

Max is a diary with experiences from his time in Cambodia. He tells how one drives through the country and unintentionally follows a band that is participating in a river festival. Then there was a spontaneous performance and recording, where "Romjet" was born. He literally navigates the space between Asia and his music with the beautiful chaos that it contains.

“I wanted to show the real interactions with the local Khmer people. Meeting and capturing the local band was one of those life-affirming human exchanges, "he shares." Communication only through signals, gestures and laughter. I knew I had to share their story through music, something that felt authentic from their world and was intertwined with mine. The seed was planted and I didn't know that my new life in Asia had only just begun. "

The single is accompanied by trippy visuals byPhoq TV. The dark escapism pictures shot in Hanoi, Vietnam, captivate the incredibly diverse life in Asia.

Max continues his career not only as a producer but also as an artist and is a representation of a new generation of musicians. “The artist has just started a record label that swings between Vietnam and Thailand and is called Boiled Wonderland with a long-time friend Veil. The single is from his upcoming EP of the same title as it will follow with a vinyl release on December 4th.

Connect with Max Mason: iTunes | Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Spotify


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