Bruce Springsteen and The Killers are releasing music together this week
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Trivium guitarist Matt Heafy said he thinks Instagram has lost a bit of the concept of the rhythm guitar in modern metal.

“Every time you open Instagram there's a new superfreak who can do the weirdest things that most of us can't. But I feel like the concept of rhythm guitar has been lost a bit, especially in modern metal. I think “A Crisis Of Revelation” is going to be hard for people to learn. It has this weird picking style that I learned from Chuck Schuldiner of Death and Daniel Mongrain of Martyr [and Voivod], ”he told Guitar World.

“They were the first to use this bizarre technique that wasn't just alternating or downward looking. It goes down, down and then down, up, down – sounds like dun-dun-dadadun. During our debut, [producer] Jason Suecof told us that if we learned every song from Martyr’s Warp Zone, we would become the best players in the world.

“Daniel Mongrain is one of the greatest – he has a classical jazz education, so he sounds like Marty Friedman and Allan Holdsworth mixed together. I didn't invent it, but I'm one of the few players who use it. "

Christmas came a little early this year in the form of Matt Heafy, who released a "Jack & # 39; s Lament" from the cover of The Nightmare Before Christmas on Christmas Eve this year.

Heafy announced the new song in a Facebook post and wrote: “Who still loves #nightmarebeforechristmas and their incredible #dannyelfman soundtrack ?! I've always wanted a Christmas release AND a nightmare release. So now you can have both in one song. "

Fans went to Twitter to praise the rocker.

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"That's fantastic! Come on, Matt!" Said one user.

"You are an insane person and that's what I'm here for," said Craig Reynolds.

Check out Matt Heafy's A Nightmare Before Christmas cover featuring "Jack & # 39; s Lament" here:


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