Martin Garrix and Maejor Unveil Debut AREA21 Album,
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EDM's most popular alien duo has finally released their long-awaited debut album, Greatest Hits Vol. 1.

When AREA21 made their debut in 2016 with the extremely successful singles “Spaceships” and “Girls”, they hesitated to reveal their identity and decided on a mysterious personality. Fast forward to 2021, when Martin Garrix and Maejor see themselves as AREA21 and at the same time show an immense growth in their storytelling skills and collaborative power as a duo.

After a series of singles and animated music videos that have been carefully rolled out over the past 9 months, AREA21 finally have Greatest Hits Vol. 1, which are reaching their full potential as one of the most exciting crossover acts in dance music. Spanning 12 tracks, the album follows the adventures of the alien alter egos of M&M, Martin Garrix and Maejor as they tackle some of life's biggest questions and turn them into thought-provoking and relatable music.

Maejors charismatic vocal performances and Garrix & # 39; lively, playful production is a heavenly combination. Songs like “Pogo” and “Mona Lisa” are pure, unfiltered fun, while others like “Followers” ​​and “Human” take up serious issues like social media addiction and racism. Finally, the album's explosive conclusion, “Going Home”, features a children's choir from a local school in Amsterdam and moonlight as the “farewell” of the aliens from planet earth with the promise of returning one day.

"I've never released so many songs at the same time before, so I'm nervous," Garrix said in a statement. “But this nervousness is overshadowed by excitement, adrenaline and passion. This project means so much to us both musically and conceptually. I've had some of the best moments of my life working on these songs and we can't wait to finally share them with the world. "

You can get Greatest Hits Vol. 1 here.




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