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Enthusiastic viewers of The Matrix Resurrections can see the influence of Marcel Dettmann on the upcoming film, which is due to be released on December 22nd.

As an integral part of the Berlin techno scene, Dettmann recently found himself playing a film music role when the main composers of the film, Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer, asked him for expertise. The iconic techno producer managed the setting of at least one particular scene and also contributed a remix of "My Dream Ended Here" to the upcoming soundtrack.

In previous comments, Tykwer suggested that the goal of the highly anticipated soundtrack is to honor the legacy of the 90s film franchise. As one of the first franchise companies to integrate a score at the intersection of orchestral music and brooding techno, the film's approach to world formation through music was innovative for the time.

Dettmann's remix is ​​stylistically based on Tykwer's characterization of the broader musical themes of the film. With his interpretation of "My Dream Ended Here" Dettmann integrates spacey, atmospheric textures and percolating synths into the minimally melodic techno track.

"There weren't any guidelines for direction, so I kind of pumped it up, elevated it to a club music tableau, and reinvented it in a slightly more club-friendly context," Dettmann told Resident Advisor. “All in all, it is guided very strongly by pads, sounding soulful, maybe almost sacred. The film and its story are the inspiration in this case. The message from The Matrix has always been that in spite of all hardship and submission, there is always hope for humanity. I think my remix fits that message. "

The full soundtrack for The Matrix Resurrections is now available. Listen down below.


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