Marc Benjamin shares his ‘Crypto’ !
Marc 696x696.jpg

Widely acclaimed Dutch DJ/producer Marc Benjamin closes his year with a resounding club tune, dropping the fierce new single “Crypto,” out now on Heartfeldt Records.

Based around a pumping house vibe, full of invigorating percussion and estranged sound effects, the attention is drawn towards cool, spoken words, referring to contemporary matters like bitcoin and crypto currency, sarcastically mentioning ‘let’s all get rich.

To keep both feet steady on the ground, the record then drops into a raw beat, fueled by swirling bass chords, heavy on effects and dirty kicks.

It’s clear Marc Benjamin wants to close off 2022 with a bang, having impressed the club crowds this year with melodic hits like “Human Heart,” “Anything” and the recent “Paradise.” With this new single, he clearly focuses on the dance floor, nicely touching on current events while raising the energy. Better get on board this daring “Crypto,” as it’s launched December 9th on Heartfeldt Records.


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