LUM!X & MOLOW Hits The Streets For An Ominous Night Out With ‘Trick Or Treat’!
Lumx Molow Trick Or Treat 696x696.jpg

he witching hour has come when the electro house crypto keeper and rising star LUM! X teamed up with MOLOW for the sensationally creepy new single “Trick or Treat”. Building on the amazing success of recent collaborations with Gabry Ponte as & # 39; Monster & # 39; (189 million streams) and recently & # 39; Thunder & # 39; LUM! X & # 39; s latest release invites listeners to rave about the grave and its signature triplet-infused house sound with addicting. to merge and candy-covered singing – howl now on spinnin & # 39; Records on.

The Austrian DJ / producer LUM! X immediately became a legend thanks to his 2019 team at the side of Gabry Ponte, "Monster". The up-and-coming talent proved, however, that he was anything but a one-hit wonder, because LUM! X's follow-up releases such as “The Passenger” and “Thunder” continued to delight audiences worldwide with its pioneering electro sound.

For “Trick Or Treat” the rave mastermind teams up with MOLOW, the new masked mystery duo on the block. It's more than a fitting meeting as these guys know how to drop a candy-coated bass bomb.

Sure enough, this record gets the blood pumping. You'll hear the menacing vocals before you even open the door. Enhanced by dark piano chords and eerie drum rolls, the creepy chants point the way to a blazing drop. "Trick or Treat" features a range of raw beats you can't escape, loaded with nice rolling triplet rhythms and punchy synth chords.

You're sure to freak out your freak once "Trick Or Treat" hits the bottom. With their up-tempo beats, haunting vocals and fascinating effects, LUM! X and MOLOW will give you goose bumps with their 2021 electro Halloween anthem.

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