LODATO & Janice Robinson Re-Imagine 90’s Hit in “Dreamer”!
Lodato Feb9 By Perfekta 696x696.png

LODATO reveals his euphoric take on Janice Robinson’s ‘90s classic “Dreamer” in his latest single of the same name, out on Spinnin’ Records February 25th. The buoyant kicks and electric melody are complemented by the diva’s powerful vocals. LODATO was recently named as one of worldmusic.blog’s Class of 2022, landing within the top 10 artists to watch.

About the making of the single, the house artist shares, “Growing up I loved the original ‘Dreamer’ from the ‘90s and always wanted to give it a fresh take. There is no one on this earth that could capture the vocal quite the way the original singer Janice Robinson did. We got connected and she sounds just as good as she did in the 90s!

“Dreamer” is sure to continue LODATO’s hot streak thanks to the infinitely replayable melody and irresistible energy of the dance track


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