Here are the Funniest Spotify Wrapped Memes of 2021 -

Ah, Spotify Wrapped. Our annual bombardment of personal musical information that no one asked for.

And since this is 2021, when people decide to feed their minds like geese for foie gras, we've all seen some shocking – and hilarious – results on social media.

But therein lies the poetic justice of social media. After Spotify launched its annual Wrapped campaign, Twittersphere 2021 did what it did best: toast it.

Check out some of the funniest Spotify wrapped memes of the year below.

Spotify's marketing team sounded like an idiotic parent trying to bond with their Gen Z kid.

Some saw Spotify Wrapped as an opportunity for self-deprecating humor.

And since EDM Twitter never sleeps, others saw it as an opportunity to cast shadows.

Another year, another data buffer for Spotify.

Not my genre.

The new Audio Aura feature was … interesting.


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