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Aspiring singer and rapper LG Izz appears on our radar with the visual for his latest release titled "Babyface". Bronx-born Allentown, PA. The grown-up artist has found a trace with his unique mix of R&B and gentle trap stylings, as shown on this partly reflective, partly courageous track. He delivers a gruff melodic performance riddled with self-tuned harmonies as he shares some of his tough life experiences. At certain points in the song he is somber and reflective of his blessings, and at other points he is just having fun without caring about the world. Overall, Izz is just pouring a multitude of emotions in wax as he gains a foothold in this insane world.

The visual direction of Nick Asenjo follows the young artist through various places in the beautiful city of Paris, where he is currently on vacation. From the moment he arrives at his hotel, Izz is ready to soak up all of the fun of his time there while exploring the city. The visual also uses some performance recordings coupled with documentary clips about the aspiring rapper's daily activities. It also alludes to his growth as a man who has pulled himself out of the dark and is now enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Isaiah & # 39; LG Izz & # 39; Rivera was introduced to music by his father at a young age and has been using it as an escape route since he recorded his first piece of music with his mother's webcam. He hasn't looked back since then and has slowly built his status with a string of singles including the somber introspective "Beast" and "Get On" reminding listeners of his rough journey to his current status.

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