Lebanon's Offrami Drops The Smoothest, Sweetest Sound With New Single 'Slow Down' !
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With his warm, pop-inspired deep house grooves, LA-based producer Offrami is creating a wave with the invigorating new single "Slow Down". Based on the driving vocals of the Danish singer-songwriter Daniel Schulz, the record changes from subtle twists to delicious hooks and makes way for a tempered and electronically driven deep house drop. It's a provocative next step for the ever-improving Offrami and marks a new phase in his career with this emotionally driven deep house gem – now on Spinnin ’Records.

Lebanese Los Angeles-based DJ / producer Offrami is known as a talented songwriter as well as an extremely inventive and nuanced producer. Taking inspiration from a wide variety of genres and cultures, offrami has proven his ability to seamlessly bridge the gaps between pop, R&B and electronic music.

After the most recent hits, including the popular deep house song "Drunk Calling" (which was released earlier this year on the Robin Schulz label Mentalo Music), Offrami is now adding his own with "Slow Down", the first of the newcomers An exciting new accent is added to the ever-evolving work of the producer's releases on Spinnin & # 39; Records.


The "Slow Down" captures the essence of Offrami's versatility and opens hearts with his piercing vocals, courtesy of the talented Danish singer-songwriter Daniel Schulz. Moody chords support it, along with gentle percussion and nicely bouncing bass lines that bring the vibe of R&B and pop to melodic, uplifting deep house.

"Slow Down" is the recurring mantra here, which gives the song an emotional side, while the powerful hooks and rhythms get a lot going. Whatever the mood, offrami has a knack for getting you through and taking new steps on Spinnin ’Records.

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