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Hell, the summer of 2021 didn't go quite the way we'd all wanted it to. But country music is the crutch we all lean on when times get tough or heartbreak and disappointment creep into our lives. So here's a freshly refreshed selection of the best country stuff that just got out.

The Saving Country Music Top 25 Playlist is designed to keep you updated on the best songs and albums that are coming out of here right now, right now in country and roots music. It's available in most streaming formats (see below), or you can just use the song, artist, and album recommendations to find something new to listen to.

Latest additions:

Garrett T. Capps – "The Devil Inside" – Nearly enough is not written about this album by Garrett T. Capp's I Love San Antone. Just a great, fun record from cover to cover, and so much, this is the second pick from the album to be added to the playlist, right at the top, where it belongs. Eat enchiladas and listen to Garrett T. Capps.

Charles Wesley Godwin – "Lyin 'Low" – Charles Wesley Godwin's second solo album, How The Mighty Fall, one of West Virginia's foremost songwriters on the rise, will be released on November 5th, and the first song of it leaves us foaming with anticipation. Don't set your “Best of 2021” lists until you've heard them.

Summer Dean – "Can you hear me knocking" – Summer Deans Bad Romantic is the kind of country record you wish some of your favorite women in the country would cut, but never do. It has the '70s denim and bell bottom honky tonk country vibe that is strong, unabashedly twangy and country, with a dash of funky energy and attitude to add to the cool factor. Summers honesty and self-confidence are expressed in her songs, and it's as refreshing as it is relatable.

Billy Strings – "Know It All" – Billy Strings is such a creative dynamo, you have to worry that at some point he will simply evaporate in the ether and become more of a musical appearance than humans. But his new album shows that what still ties him to the physical world is a largely pure form of bluegrass, and we are here for that. His new album Renewal is out now.

Will Banister – "Finding a New Home" – The story of this song is the story of independent songwriter and traditional country singer Will Banister who is celebrating his big break. Find a New Home opens up the new Clint Eastwood movie, Cry Macho, and thousands are trying to find out who this amazing country artist they've never heard of, but it sounds so eerily familiar (read more).

Charley Crockett – "Just So You Know" – Charley Crockett refreshes his place in the Top 25 Playlist with this selection from his recently released album Music City USA and continues his steady rise, which puts him at or near the top of popularity and recognition in country and roots music brought.

Travis Feutz, Crystal Leigh – "Missouri Line" – Missouri-based Travis Feutz grew up listening to classic AM country on the radio and is now trying to make a living resurrecting the art form he fell in love with, including the classic country duo he performed with Crystal Leigh this original is performing song ahead of his Country Music Forever debut EP on October 29th.

Cody Jinks – "I don't trust my memories anymore" – Cody Jinks was country before, but this may be one of the country songs he cut in his strong country career. Classically written, but still with a fresh feeling, you will be excited about what else is in store for you when he delivers his new album Mercy on November 12th.

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Note: The songs in this playlist are curated for your listening pleasure as well
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To save the top 25 of the current Country Music playlist:

  • "Lyin 'Low" – Charles Wesley Godwin – Like the Mighty Fall (11-5)
  • "The Devil Inside" – Garrett T. Capps – I love San Antone
  • "Growing Pains" – Mike and the Moonpies – One to Grow
  • "Can you hear me knocking" – Summer Dean – Bad Romantic
  • "Ain't No Use" – Randy Travis – Storms of Life 35th Anniversary Edition
  • "Cheap Seats" – Emily Scott Robinson – American Siren (10-29)
  • "Anybody Plain’ Sad Songs "- Jon Wolfe – Dos Corazones
  • "Aggie Loved Milton" – Johnny Berry and the Runaways – (Single)
  • "Just So You Know" – Charley Crockett – Music City USA
  • "Know It All" – Billy Strings – Renewal
  • "In dreams"Sierra Ferrell – Long Way
  • "Dear Miss Loretta" – Carly Pearce with Patty Loveless – 29: Carved in stone
  • "Slot Machine Syndrome" – Caleb Lee Hutchinson – Slot Machine Syndrome EP
  • "The 50 Most Lonely Places in the Nation" – Noel McKay – Blue, Blue, Blue (10-8)
  • "Find A New Home" – Will Banister – Cry Macho Soundtrack
  • "Thirty-Five" – ​​Elijah Ocean – Born Blue
  • "I don't trust my memories anymore" – Cody Jinks – Mercy (11-12)
  • "Old Dance Floor" – John R. Miller – Copied
  • "Gray" – Jesse Daniel – Beyond these walls
  • "Don't Look Down" – Drake Milligan – Self-titled EP
  • "Tehachapi" – Margo Cilker – Pohorylle (11-5)
  • "If I'm not in Hell" – Erin Enderlin – (single)
  • "Missouri Line" – Travis Feutz, Crystal Leigh – Country Music Forever (October 2nd)
  • "Doggone Cowboy" – Tyller Gummersall – Lucky Guy
  • "Ft. Walton Wake-Up Call ”- James McMurtry – The Horses and the Dogs
  • "French Summer Sun" – Jason Eady – Over Time


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