Abraham Hurtado Castrejon

Las Vegas law enforcement officers recently foiled an alleged plan by a disgruntled EDC ticket holder to attack the flagship music festival Insomniac.

Abraham Hurtado-Castrejon was arrested outside a local grocery store and charged with making threats in a possible act of terrorism. Police reportedly confiscated an illegal 3D printed firearm from the suspect's home.

According to the arrest report, the suspect sent a video message to Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella threatening to burst balloons containing lethal doses of fentanyl on the festival site.

Abraham Hurtado-Castrejon is accused of threatening EDC Las Vegas with violence over a dispute over his request for a refund of his ticket purchase.

The suspect was reportedly upset about not being able to request a refund for his ticket. Hurtado-Castrejon says he was among the ticket holders who bought a pass just before the 2020 festival was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After a temporary window of time that allowed fans to claim refunds, Insomniac has automatically postponed those passes for 2020 to 2021. When the time slot closed, Hurtado-Castrejon allegedly began threatening the event for a refund.

Insomniac tells Fox 5 Vegas that the organization tried to issue a refund to Hurtado-Castrejon as recently as May of this year. "Insomniac has a record of a refund it was granted in May 2020," said an Insomniac press officer, and refrained from disclosing the amount.

Hurtado-Castrejon is currently under house arrest until his next trial, scheduled for February 2022.


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