LA's Famed Greek Theatre is Cancelling its Season for the First Time in 90 Years -

Global Security Guidelines COVID-19 Pandemics have been triggered by health organizations and governments across the nation and around the world. To protect the population and limit the spread of the virus, music venues and event centers have experienced darker times than they thought and have forcibly closed their doors for an indefinite period. The latest venue to fall victim to these closings is the legendary outdoor venue in Los Angeles The Greek theater.

LA’s other famous open air theater, The Hollywood Bowlwas also forced to cancel his 2020 season two weeks ago. Now the Greek theater has announced that it will cancel all events for 2020. The venue will use the closing time to reschedule events booked this year and adapt to new regulations and restrictions during the pandemic to better plan for the future.

2020 is the first time in the 90-year term of Greek theater that no events take place. "We were hoping to celebrate our 90th anniversary with live entertainment for the citizens of Los Angeles," said Los Angeles Parks Executive AP Diaz in a statement. "We believe that it is the right, responsible and safe thing for fans, artists, employees and the Griffith Park community to take a break from live events with a large audience by 2021."

Some shows have been postponed while others have been canceled. The concerts for which no new date is set include: Gladys Knight, Beyond & beyond, and Ke $ ha. Fans who were planning to attend these or other canceled events, or who are looking for more information about scheduled dates, can do so on the Greek Theater website.


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