La Fuente lands on Tomorrowland Music with ‘Dominator (2K23)’ !
2023lafuentepresspicoriginal E1699097965690 696x803.jpg

Dutch dance music phenomenon La Fuente is revealing his massive dance smash ‘Dominator (2K23)’, released on Tomorrowland Music today! Making waves for over ten years already and having made a name for himself as one of the most diverse and enthusiastic selectors in the scene, La Fuente has created another timeless anthem featuring his very unique sound. Soulful, energetic and uplifting, ‘Dominator (2K23)’ is sure to create absolute mayhem on the dancefloor. ‘Dominator (2K23)’ marks La Fuente’s debut release on Tomorrowland’s imprint, landing after his acclaimed Mainstage performance at the iconic Belgian festival last summer.

La Fuente: “The break and recognition grabs the crowd’s full attention, it works as a certainty in sets!”

‘Dominator (2K23)’ is out now via all platforms.


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