Cardi B speaks out on the unfair treatment of female rappers

Kanye West has sparked a lot of controversy lately, most recently an alleged altercation with a fan who was trying to get the rapper's autograph.

According to TMZ, Ye is under investigation for an alleged misdemeanor battery incident that occurred in downtown L.A. when Yeezy became involved in a verbal disagreement outside a nightclub.

The argument then turned physical when Ye allegedly "shoved someone." It was also reported that he hit someone asking for an autograph.

In a video clip obtained by TMZ, Ye can be heard asking someone, "Did you say that or not? Did you say that or not? … Because that's what the fuck happened." The clip was reportedly taken Wednesday night/early Thursday.

Another video allegedly captures the moments after the man was beaten as he lay on the ground.

The man was reportedly hit in both the head and neck and "his head hit the ground hard."

However, Kanye has now opened up about the incident during an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, in which host Jason Lee, 44, said the sequence of events "can't be captured in one headline".

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"Well, as far as the paparazzi go, right, it wasn't a fan," the Donda hitmaker began.

“It was 3 a.m. outside the camp. I'm like, 'You don't know what I'm dealing with right now.' I just finished those two songs, I came out of the studio. I made the album, this impromptu shoot, and my cousins ​​went and really accomplished the mission.

"And this guy just had this real attitude, like, 'What are you going to do? And do you see that? ' Imma just telling you this blue Covid mask is not going to stop this knockout, you know what I'm saying.

Lee then questioned and asked Ye if the "taunting, the disrespect, the disregard for your privacy" prompted his supposed reaction.

"Look man, I love the paparazzi, I love the press, I love the media, everything," Kanye explained.

"But then they send these two in, probably like some agents or something, to really shed light on the situation. That can't be summed up in a headline. Because of that, I wanted to sit down with you directly and speak to the world about exactly what happened.”

Rather than being a true fan, West said the man "took autographs to make money."

"That's the same as the paparazzi, that's not a fan. That's someone using your image, who's probably never heard your songs that say, 'Is that really my song?'" he said.

"So I ended up getting into an argument with the guy who wanted to make money from my autographs.

He added: "It's from the horse's mouth. I've told you all before, you are all incapable of being responsible for my narrative. I already told you, I'll take my story.

"I write my story. Why don't you all do something, you know what I mean, other than try to trip someone up."

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