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Kanye West says he is converting all of his homes into churches and insists "I'll be homeless in a year."

The rapper made the bold proclamation during a lengthy interview with 032c (according to NME). Ye talked about how he sees the future of society. "We are under capitalist rule and that is killing us," he said. "It's time to change that."

He continued, “I'll be homeless in a year. I will turn all the houses I own into churches. We're building this orphanage and it's going to be a place anyone can go. It should be like an artist commune. Food should always be available. "

Elsewhere in the chat, Ye was discussing a planned performance piece entitled "The Funeral Rehearsal Of Kanye West" and also admitted that he had a "winstone" in him.

Ye's statement about converting houses into churches isn't that surprising – he's been on a charitable crusade lately. A few weeks ago he outlined his plans to fight homelessness and hunger in Los Angeles.

The hip-hop mogul has worked with philanthropic organizations to find ways to serve LA's homeless people. He reportedly met with Reverend Troy Vaughn, CEO of L.A. Mission, and outlined specific ways he can provide assistance.

Ye believes that by working with local charities in L.A., he can continue to provide food to the homeless, and he also wants companies to provide education, work, and housing to those in need. The rapper's other goal is to inspire the homeless with his music – especially his Sunday service.

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As early as 2020, during his US presidential election campaign, he also vowed to "cure homelessness and hunger" in his home country. "We will cure hunger," he said on Twitter at the time. "People sleep in parking lots."

For more on the topic, follow the Hip Hop Observer.

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