Kane Brown's Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Performance (A Rant)
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Can't we just get through a nationwide television event that bills itself as “country music” without real country fans hanging their heads ashamed and loudly explaining to their friends and family that they identify themselves as country listeners , you don't mean that kind of country music?!?

Kane Brown was the spotlight on Thanksgiving at AT&T Stadium to play a medley of his hit during halftime of the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Football Team game, and no, it wasn't the expired cream cheese in the pumpkin pie that tossed people It was the dancing wank lip synchronizing at the 50 yard line.

"Hey, if you don't like it, just turn it off!"

What, and do you miss all the unintentional comedy?

Kane Brown began by singing an excerpt from his song "Worldwide Beautiful," which is about finding the beauty of diversity in a message of inclusion and acceptance. And yes, for a brief, beautiful moment, all of America's political and racial clashes disappeared and everyone was brought together as one, over the collective question of what kind of fresh hell was playing on our television screens.

"Hey, I have this jacket!" My 9-year-old niece was twittering at our socially distant Thanksgiving get-together when Kane Brown came out sparkling, and even she could deduce that Kane Brown was performing at night when it was still bright in Texas. They didn't reveal that the performance was already being recorded (sure, COVID was probably the culprit), but perhaps the timeline incongruence should take your attention away from the lip-sync and sluggish choreography that only 15-year-old girls and meth heads from Tuscaloosa would find appealing.

“Hey, but it was for a good cause! It was supposed to start the Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign! "

Yeah, how about I just dump a Hamilton just to get Kane Brown to the heck and we can forego all of the godly pop histrionic and national embarrassment? When you book Kane Brown for the annual Thanksgiving halftime, you're inviting a positive, communicable case of COVID-19 to your holiday celebrations. This is one guy who got so lost on his own property literally a few months ago, him had to call the police to rescue him.

When Amy Coney Barrett rose to the United States Supreme Court, people worried that abortion would become illegal? We will experience one outdoors on the field and in front of a national audience on Thursday November 26th, 2020. And no, I'm not talking about the Dallas Cowboys botched wrong boat in the fourth quarter that sealed the game for Washington.

Next year Cody Jinks, or someone with real connections to the Dallas or Texas area, or cowboys or country music, or just something good. Get a damn juggler or ventriloquist. Anything but that. Kane Brown can get lost.


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