It was only six years before Justin Bieber finally got revenge on Charlie Puth for once taunting him during a concert.

In 2016, Puth decided to yell "Fuck you, Justin Bieber" during a performance of "We Don't Talk Anymore," his collaboration with Selena Gomez.

And it seems like Bieber was just waiting for the right moment to get his revenge. The Justice singer uploaded a video to Instagram of him teasing Puth over FaceTime about the incident.

In the clip, Australian rapper and Bieber's "STAY" collaborator The Kid calls LAROI Puth on FaceTime and then hands the phone to Bieber.

After a short hello, the conversation quickly becomes more serious. "Bro, we never really talked about it like years ago when you said 'f-k you' to me on stage," Bieber says very calmly as The Kid LAROI rolls around laughing in the background.

When Puth starts laughing nervously, Bieber replies, "I honestly don't find that very funny." When Puth then insists it was "a joke," Bieber replies that it "hurt his feelings."

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"It wasn't real. It was like a damn thing totally overdone,” Puth tries to explain. "I was joking, I was being completely sarcastic." After a few awkward seconds of silence, Puth says, "I can't tell if you're joking either."

Then Bieber and company burst out laughing, which puts Puth at ease. "You know you had it," Bieber commented on the video, which was well received on social media.

At the time of writing, it has been viewed over 2 million times in just six hours. "I'm in tears," Chance the Rapper wrote, accompanied by multiple laughing emojis. "Game. Set. Match", that's how Benny Blanco saw it.

While there's clearly no ill will between the two, Puth previously apologized for the comment (per Teen Vogue).

"Maybe that night there were a lot of emotions, a lot of thoughts going through my head and maybe I shouldn't have said that," Puth said at the time. "It's not really fair to him."

See the Pop Observer for more information on this topic.


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