Juliet Sikora & Tini Gessler Drop Their Huge Collab ‘Tidy Up’ On Toolroom Trax!
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Go on Tool room Trax, it's a double-barreled label debut by putty ball co-owner Julia Sikora & Moose resident Tini Gessler who made her Trax debut with 'clean up'! Ready to clean up the dance floor, Juliet & Tini really get going with their club-ready minimal tech house cut.

Both label bosses from putty ball With Rohr & Berger A solid DJ herself, Juliet has made waves on the scene with a string of killer releases and label successes. As one of the top 15 best-selling deep house labels of all time beatport, her influence on "clean up' can be heard from the start. Along with publications on peter tong'p FFRR, Flash mob records & Naturally putty ball, Julia SikoraThe production style and work ethic of are second to none.

Tini Gessler On the other hand, she's a fast rising name in the deep & tech house world, having cemented herself as resident DJ for Moose and known for throwing huge parties, together the pair bring a deeper, more minimalist edge to the record. There is no doubt that'clean up' is a groove-focused tech house track meant to be pounded hard through club sound systems and has its feet firmly planted in the world of tech house, that's for sure Julia Sikora & Tiny Gesseler are onto something big on this one!


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