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Starting as a hardcore pop punk band before evolving into a powerful dubstep production duo, Adventure Club have established themselves as bass music legends over the past decade.

Although they toured the world during that time and released dozens of singles, they only released one studio album called Red // Blue in 2016. But that will change now.

After Adventure Club released a number of singles this year, including the euphoric “Broken Love” (with Cammie Robinson) and the uplifting “Anywhere” (with ARNNHMR and HALIENE), Adventure Club is about to release a new album called “ Love // ​​chaos.

Now on tour again and with Love // ​​Chaos complete, Christian Srigley and Leighton James from Adventure Club met in the Cancun edition of Electric Zoo to find out more about their huge second album and the direction of the duo .

Adventure club. You recently played Electric Zoo in New York. How is the mood different? Is it different to coming to Cancun than touring the US, or is it just another show?

Leighton: There is only electricity in the crowd, which is different from festivals and club shows in America. You get the locals and you also get the tourists who are just hungry for this festival scene. We couldn't play outside today because of the rain, but playing inside was cool. It was like a silver lining. It was intimate.

Christian: For us Canadian boys, temperature control is a long way (laughs). Let's talk about the album. You released a lot of singles. Is there anything else we can expect before it falls? And when does it come out?

Leighton: So we just released a single with Codeko and Sarrah de Warren called "Never Surrender" and another single is coming out. It's called "Come Clean," and it's with retired Prince Fox and Justin Jesso. That coincides with the day the album was released. A lot of our fans said, "Yo, you put out so many singles, there won't be any more unreleased music for the album."

Christian: That's not true at all.

Leighton: Yes, the album is 25 songs long. You know, with the pandemic we just had so much time for music so I think there will be 12 more unreleased songs on it.

Adventure club at the Cancun Electric Zoo

Adventure Club performs at Cancun's Electric Zoo. Will there be an NFT drop with the album?

Leighton: No in the near future. I mean, we did a lot of NFT drops. I think we'd like to keep this rollout as a traditional rollout. You were at the party with the NFT craze pretty early on when you made the "Genesis" drop and Overpriced., Your Luxury Designer NFT Company. What do you think? When do you think it will mass market and when is the next drop coming?

Leighton: In terms of overpriced. can I announce this now We have a partnership with and will be releasing our next season with them in the near future.

As for Adventure Club NFTs, I think we'll be on the same path there. It just takes a lot of planning for things like that. We don't want to publish an NFT in order to publish an NFT – we want to add value to every community we meddle with.

Adventure Club performs at Cancun's Electric Zoo.

Adventure Club performs at Cancun's Electric Zoo. Why are NFTs important to people who still don't understand them? And if you're a fan of Adventure Club why should people care?

Leighton: It just proves the importance of the records. If you want to own an Adventure Club song, I know Royal, the 3LAU company, does that. We could release a song and people could invest in the track itself and help the song grow. It is important to give power back to the musicians rather than having a middleman who controls everything.

Christian: In this way, crypto and NFTs are going to change things. It just cuts off unnecessary processes. When can we expect the next drop for “Overpriced”?

Leighton: Probably next year. Maybe earlier.

Adventure club at the Cancun Electric Zoo

Adventure Club performs at Cancun's Electric Zoo. I don't know how fresh this is, but on Instagram you have a link to Thank You for the Music, a nonprofit. Why is this important to you and why do you support it?

Leighton: The initiative began about three years ago on the board of directors of the Montreal hospital. There is a program there that directly supports healing and mental health through music, and this initiative was started to support that program. Why is this important to you personally?

Leighton: There was a time in my life when I felt kind of lost. I had a great support system – I had Christian and our whole team around us – but at the same time I felt that the Adventure Club as a whole was the driving force behind how I could relax through these things. And I just want to be able to keep paying to the community.

Christian: Yes, keep your energy where you have energy and just let the ball keep rolling.

Adventure club at the Cancun Electric Zoo

Adventure Club performs at Cancun's Electric Zoo. It's a beautiful thing. Speaking of Montreal, where does someone go for a good time and good bass music?

Christian: I will always praise New City Gas because, as far as the venues we played, I think they have some of the best sound and production systems out there. So from our point of view that's a big plus – everything sounds and looks better. And if you play multiple shows a week, that's a long way for us. So when you step into the scene at New City Gas you will get the best of the best in terms of sound and graphics, and that goes a long way.

Leighton: For me, besides New City Gas, I would also like to highlight one of my favorite clubs in town, the École Privée. They have a great sound system – it's a smaller venue, very intimate. And when you're done with that, hit La Banquise for a bombshell routine. And that's Montreal. What do you think of Beach Club? I love beach club.

Christian: We have never played in the beach club before.

Leighton: Yes, but as an advertising agency and event venue, it's great. You always book the best artists. We love the team there. And you are out for the city. When I was in Europe a few people, like the Techno-Heads, knew Stereo, and everyone else knew Beach Club.

Leighton: Yeah, I think Showcase and everyone involved with the Beach Club and this whole promotion company really helped the Montreal bass scene grow into what it is today.

Adventure Club performs at Cancun's Electric Zoo.

Adventure Club performs at Cancun's Electric Zoo. I saw you guys in 2013 when dubstep was just beginning to segment itself into its own sub-genres, but I feel the melodic variety was overwhelming. Which bass sub-genre do you think will hit the scene in 2022? Are there emerging artists whom you supervise, observe or work with and whom you want to praise?

Christian: I definitely feel that the pop punk influence is getting strong in EDM, but I don't think that's all we're going to see. I think it will keep growing. We came from a pop punk background when we got to the Adventure Club, we played and played a lot to fuse the two a little more.

And I think you'll see that we get back to our roots a bit because it's time it grows and we want to toss our hats in the ring and keep that momentum for the pop-punk scene. It's a scene we absolutely love, and if we can help push the boundaries there, we're definitely excited about it. Do you agree, Leighton? Is there anything else to add?

Leighton: Hell yeah, we grew up with pop punk. We technically started out as a metalcore band and went up to pop-punk, and then we ended up doing Adventure Club. Now I feel like I'm coming full circle.

When we founded Adventure Club, we practically lived as a pop-punk band. We used to drop a lot of metal and pop punk songs on our shows and now luckily we can work with bands like Dance Gavin Dance and people like that.

Christian: Yes, they were our absolute idols growing up. If you'd told us ten years ago that we would work with Dance Gavin Dance, we wouldn't believe you at first, but like we're just losing our shit. I can't really get used to that to this day. There are so many collaborations we've done in the future that are just overwhelming to our childhood versions of ourselves, and it's bloody great. Is there anything else you think people should know? Are there any US tour dates or would you like to tell us something about the album?

Leighton: The album is coming out – it's been delayed for various reasons, but it's out this year. We'll go on tour in early 2022 and hope to see everyone out there. In every single set that we play from now on, you will hear a lot about the old Adventure Club. We're going to play a lot of throwback sets. I really enjoy playing this old stuff.




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