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In hopes of merging live music and cannabis culture, Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella has announced a partnership with RNBW, a premium cannabis brand.

According to a press release, cannabis lovers will for the first time be able to purchase products and tickets for the Insomniac music festival in one fell swoop at select retail locations. The Alliance is a unique endeavor aimed at creating an integrated service for herbalists and audiophiles alike.

The first curated ticket package on offer is available now and represents one of two phases of the partnership's rollout. Through October 21, consumers who shop online and in person at the Cookies, Stiiizy, Harborside, Jardín, Thrive, Planet 13, and Sixty Four & Hope locations in California and Nevada will have access to the first package – EDC Las Vegas' anniversary.

EDC Las Vegas.

Given Rotella's excellent reputation for experience-based activations, it should come as no surprise that the second phase will be a physical experience at Insomniac music festivals called RNBW World. The series aims to "offer a fully interactive journey into the world of premium cannabis" through interactive displays and photo opportunities, as well as a special music program.

Festival goers can also pre-order cannabis products from on-site pharmacies, a development that could prove a harbinger as more states legalize consumption lounges.

"The combination of live music and cannabis culture is something I was looking forward to and the time is finally here," Rotella said in a celebratory Instagram post. "I can't wait for us to take this immersive journey together."

RNBW sells pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, and other premium products, but at the heart of the brand's value proposition is the goal of normalizing cannabis use at live music events.

"We are excited to partner with RNBW to support the rapid transition of cannabis from underground to mainstream culture while adding a premium line of products to our robust retail offering," said Matt Hawkins, Chairman and Interim CEO of Harborside, one of the oldest and most respected cannabis retailer in California. “Nineteen states and Washington DC have legalized adult cannabis, and the general public is overwhelmingly in favor of expanded access to recreational cannabis. Harborside prides itself on doing our part at the intersection of live music and cannabis, two activities that have been enjoyed simultaneously for generations. "

You can find out more about RNBW here.


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