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As pretty much everyone in Trancedom knows, John 00 Fleming is not averse to the epic. There is the epic and then there is that EPOS, and there are no prizes to guess which of the two "corruption" falls into. With a length of 17 minutes, the track is the third “chapter” of John's album prefacing / breadcrumb trail layout of 2021 singles.

After its “Explorer” introducer and the world survey “The Finding”, “Corruption” suggests that everything is not quite as rosy as it first appeared to our (presumably) interplanetary visitor. For the track, John was supported by the JOOF Recordings cohorts Fuenka, and the British trio have jointly exceeded their mission of embodying the theme musically.

Well, for those expecting a classic three-act trancer, please refer to the previous comment on "epic". In fact, the track has some of its own odyssey-like "story-within-a-story" to unpack. John & Fuenka give the opening minutes a scenic ambience, while timbale percussion, cicada chirps and ethnic harmonies initially swirl the waters of “corruption” deeply. In a measured fashion, it then enters into a more than five minute run of hypnotic, progressive throbbing that puts on layers of diving bell-deep drums, earth-moving bass, and cool curling 303.

Despite the extensive running time, you will never doubt that our protagonists have a clear endgame for “corruption” in mind. That is brought into sharpest perspective around the nine-minute mark as the soaring carillon rips away its majestic leadline with a force that has to be heard to be believed.

The cover of "Corruption" again contains bespoke hand-drawn artwork commissioned by JOOF and reflects the "twist" -like ambiguity that has now been thrown into the plot of the album. A track that could (and will!) Be repeated for hours, "Chapter 3: Corruption" is available from today:

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