Jason Boland to Release Concept Album About Alien Abduction
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Photo: Will Von Bolton

Original Red Dirt music legend Jason Boland is perhaps best known for straightforward country music heaters like "Pearl Snaps" and "Somewhere Down in Texas," but those who have followed his 20-year career know that When you know Boland, it's best to stay on your toes. Every now and then he will throw you a curve ball. He's not just some fool. There's a thoughtful, intelligent guy hiding beneath the surface.

A year after celebrating the 20th anniversary of his legendary debut album Pearl Snaps, Boland is heading into the paranormal with his next album, The Light Saw Me, to be released by Thirty Tigers on December 3rd. Similar to Jason's 2015 record Squelch, this time he will deviate from the script and not just sing the usual songs about hard times and heartbreak. This is a concept album the theme of which is about an alien abduction.

Right, don't rub your eyes. Jason Boland and The Stragglers release a concept album on alien abduction. The album apparently consists of three distinctive interlocking parts and follows a cowboy who lived in Texas in the 1890s, was abducted by aliens, and landed back in Texas in the 1990s. It's partly inspired by the story of a rumored UFO crash in Aurora, Texas on April 17, 1897, before most people even knew what a UFO was.

But don't worry, Boland assures that the album also has a deeper, more universal theme that could be more accessible beyond sci-fi fans. “‘ The Light Saw Me ‘is a song and album that aims to highlight our lack of ultimate control over our narrative. So much of what happens in our lives seems to choose us despite our grand plans. The deeper meaning of the material is the "meaning" itself. Given the stoic realities of our collective destiny, love is the source of the strength that keeps us going. "

The album was recorded in Los Angeles with the Stragglers, including longtime and popular steel guitarist Roger Ray, who left the band on the 2014 album Dark & ​​Dirty Mile.

"Jason and the band were a delight," says Shooter. “Jason's vision from the album served as a guiding star as we carried it from the cradle to its right place in the mountains. It's one of the coolest sounding records I've heard in years, so I'm really excited to see what the future holds for 'The Light Saw Me'. "

And that's not all the exciting news for Jason Boland and the stragglers. After nearly a quarter of a century of country music, Jason Boland and the Stragglers will finally make their Grand Ole Opry debut on December 7th – the week after the new album is released.

The title track of the new album can be heard below, and The Light Saw Me is now on Available for pre-sale.

‘The Light Saw Me’ tracklist

  1. Terrifying nature
  2. The light saw me
  3. A tornado and the fool
  4. Here for you
  5. Transmission off
  6. Transition in
  7. future
  8. Straight home
  9. Restless spirits
  10. A place to stay
  11. Wrong role


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