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We've all heard of writer's block, but singer James Blunt really takes the term to a new level with his latest reveal.

In a recent interview with Red magazine, Blunt revealed that it took him a whopping 12 years to get the idea for "Love Under Pressure" from start to finish.

"I've had the piano part in my head for 12 years," said the 'You're Beautiful' hitmaker.

"All my friends came over and asked if I could play something new, but I hadn't managed to make a complete song out of it."

Meanwhile, the singer also pondered the fact that although he believes that his music has been "stronger" since he first appeared on the music scene, he also feels "robbed" of his innocence.

“I think my songs are stronger today than they were in my time,” he said, adding, “But at the same time there is a great beauty in music in naivety and innocence.

"I feel more competent as a songwriter now, but I also feel like my innocence may have been taken away."

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Blunt – who is also known for his hilarious comebacks to haters on Twitter – discussed the negativity he receives on the platform and revealed that while he has been bothering in the past, he has now learned to "overcome" his critics because of the "massive bonuses" of his job.

“When I first released music, I was very, very visible,” he said.

“It's interesting that there can be 100 positives, but the negative is what we as humans are always drawn to and most affected by.

“But I've always believed that if you don't like something, you shouldn't listen.

“You can get over it if you go to a show that night and a few thousand people show up to hear your songs, or you take a tour bus around the world.

“There are some massive bonuses. I live in ibiza. I come to clubs for free. So I'll take it. "

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