Italian act PROGedia drops mystical video for debut track “We Are The Night
Progedia – Press Photo 01 300x200.jpg

Italian producer Fed Conti debuts solo project PROGedia with the sleek track “We Are The Night”, which offers a lively mix of hypnotic grooves over pulsating electronic beats. With deep, fuzzy vocals that make us reconnect with nature, the transporting character of the track is enhanced with haunting visuals.

The Italian director allows calming mysticism to flow into the lush nu-jazz soundscape Alessando Amaduccis Captures Conti's escapist vision with mythical backdrops that bring iconic works of art to life. The experimental nature of "We Are The Night" is a heavenly match and can run free within the cinema video.

The track challenges us to get lost in its airy melodies and psychedelic jam style, and gives us a glimpse into the eclectic taste in music that forms the basis of the veteran's penchant for non-genre arrangements. Conti uses his extensive jazz-prog-rock sound and allows himself to be devoted to his penchant for experimentation, even if it is rooted in his characteristic keyboard arrangement.

Conti, who has had a long and fruitful career and with industrial giants like Universal UK and Ministry of Sound, channels the same creative freedom that interested him in surreal soundscapes from an early age.

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