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With turkey, potatoes, and cranberries galore, you're going to go wrong if you don't end your Thanksgiving day with a strenuous bunch and a tryptophan-triggered post-meal nap.

To help you prepare your menu, we've compiled a list of the seven most popular Thanksgiving dishes and recipes from top DJs and music producers. Hailing from the US, Canada, and Germany, they celebrate the holidays in their own way. However, they have teamed up to bring you all the necessary ingredients for a five-star dinner – depending on your kitchen skills.


First and foremost is the future bass star ILLENIUMwho chose Bourbon Yams with Pecan Topping as his favorite Thanksgiving Day meal.

“I grew up on Thanksgiving at my grandma's 'Pug' house. I'm not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving food in general, but these yams are fire and something I definitely grab seconds of. The best part is the topping, this is this one delicious layer of candied pecans with brown sugar (my family usually doubles the topping recipe – it's so good). I remember my sister and I struggling to eat some topping before it was served. Our whole family use this one Recipe No matter where we go on vacation, it still feels like home when I eat these yams. "

Here is his recommended five-step recipe.



For her dish of choice, the Canadian bass prodigy WHIPPED CREAM unsurprisingly chose "a bowl of whipped cream with a tiny slice of pumpkin pie". "It's so special to me that I've even made it my career name," she said.

For this one, the ingredients are sweet and simple: "A cream, a whip."

Felix Jaehn

Felix Jaehn

In Germany, Thanksgiving is celebrated as a harvest festival in early October. While his family never celebrated the holiday, he was a famous DJ and record producer Felix Jaehn is looking forward to having his first "real Thanksgiving" festival this year with some American friends and staying socially distant around the campfire.

"Personally, it's important that it's seasonal and local food because being grateful for the food that grows around me for the harvest is the key idea behind Thanksgiving for me. I think we'll try a vegan one Making burgers and I have some amazing vegan aioli that a friend makes. I'm going to toss some onions on it and instead of the bun I sometimes like to use portobello mushrooms because they make it extra juicy. That's a little trick of mine . And then we make baked potatoes with oil, salt and pepper as well as rosemary and thyme from the garden. "



Native according to Los Angeles DeorroDespite the many, many ways to cook the humble potato, the mashed variety is unbeatably superior. Mashed potatoes also happens to be his favorite Thanksgiving meal.

Check out his recipe here. His preferred method is rust-red potatoes, sour cream, and a big old bag of Mexican cheese.

Louis the child

Louis the child

Behind Louis the child Nicknames are two Chicago born producers named Freddy Kennett and Robby Hauldren.

Kennett: When I think of Thanksgiving, the first meal I think of is pumpkin pie! I love a good pumpkin pie, and my extended family would always have 6-10 different pumpkin pie at our Thanksgiving dinner. I would try them all and the sweet and tasty ones have always been my favorite. I remember there was a viral video going on for a year where someone was eating a Patti LaBelle pumpkin pie and they were screaming, “Ohh Patti !!! Patti !! My god Paatttii !! ! & # 39; And my family joked all night and said & # 39; Ohhh Patti !!! & # 39; "

Hauldron: I immediately think of mashed potatoes. I'm lactose intolerant so my mom is always kind enough to make me a separate batch of mashed potatoes without milk. They've always been my favorite Thanksgiving meal and the dish I grab seconds and thirds of. When I was very young, I ate 20 pounds of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving and then didn't eat anything for three weeks because I was so full. "

Together they recommend Kennett's morning visit, a Jimmy Dean & # 39; s breakfast sandwich, and Robby's proven recipe for sugar-free ice water. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Boy bombs

Boy bombs

Canadian powerhouse duo Boy bombs Maybe we don't necessarily recommend the dessert, which is anything but the sink that they put together for us in the video below, but it's definitely colorful.

“A few years ago we celebrated a nontraditional Thanksgiving Day together. Tristan decided to take care of dessert and instead of making a festive pumpkin pie, he created his own disaster piece. What sounded like a good idea on paper turned out to be the worst holiday creation of the century, and Martin can attest to it. "

Dr. Fresch

Dr.-Fresch 2020 press photo

For his Thanksgiving meal Dr. Fresch prescribes Zesty Orange Cranberry Sauce and gives the essential side dish a special kick.

"Thanksgiving has always been special to my family – we love to eat! Like a good Dr. Fresch set, staples in my family are remixes of classics; cranberry sauce is our family staple. What makes our sauce so unbelievably hot." If you are as tall as me and consequently have a better understanding of the palette, you will understand the importance of the sweet and savory combo on the big day. This food is special to me because of this and because we always enjoy the Rave about the sauce. "

To do exactly what the doctor ordered, here is his prescription.


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