Imanbek Teams Up With Hollywood Undead for Persevering Single,

Imanbek has returned with one of the most unexpected collaborations of the year, bringing a number of new faces to the dance music scene.

In collaboration with California-based rap rock group Hollywood Undead, Imanbek brings a new energy to the production side of "Runaway," a track that represents a kind of departure from his previous work.

The 20-year-old Grammy winner who makes hits has meteorically asserted itself in the last year with numerous club-killing singles. With Hollywood Undead, Imanbek is channeling a new, trap-inspired energy that complements the band's uncompromising stance.

"Runaway" is an energetic anthem that includes both soft vocal choruses and punchy rap verses, a call for strength even in the darkest of times. With authoritarian performance, Hollywood Undead defeats fear and hesitation amid the crippling struggle to overcome life's toughest obstacles.

Both artists have rightly earned their groundbreaking reputations when it comes to their respective creative paths. Now these worlds cross in an unexpected, comfort-driving way, which may lead to the beginning of something new for both artists.




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