The all-rounder Matthew Dear found inspiration from an unexpected source for its latest publication. The Motor City-American, who is known for experimenting with his work, used sounds from the Ford Motor CompanyThe fully electric vehicle of the Mustang Mach-E, for a new electronic track called "New Breed (The Mustang Mach-E Remix)".

He immediately stages the scene with an introduction that shows the sounds of the car driving down a street. As the audience race for the checkered flag, he alternates between a steady futuristic beat and robot vocals to create a soundscape dripping with retro-futurism imagery.

While working with a car company on a route is surprising in and of itself, Dear went so far as to say that his experience with Ford was one of his favorites and that he valued the freedom it allowed. "I don't usually have a major automaker as an executive producer," Dear told Car and Driver. "Despite all the commercialized projects I've done, Ford has been the coolest and easiest of my clients. They really let me do what I wanted. They really, really rarely trusted the artistic integrity of the project."

Those who want to see "New Breed" come to life are in luck. Ford shared a behind-the-scenes video of how they worked with Dear, which you can check out below.

Matthew Dear & # 39; s "New Breed (The Mustang Mach-E Remix)" is out now. Download or stream the latest electronic car music here.

Credit: Car and Driver




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