How Mim Nervo Gets Her Badass Mohawk: A Step-By-Step Guide -

For most DJs, a signature visual brand means so much more than just a helmet or a tell-tale logo. In fact, these distinctive features tend to be more than representative of an artist – they are synonymous.

This is the story of Mim Nervo, one half of the Australian sister duo NERVO, whose trademark Mohawk has developed a life of its own. Mim's hair has grown to be one of the greatest personalities in electronic gaming. It was blue, it was blonde, and it was always paired with a kickass outfit.

But what makes Mim's Mohawk so impressive is its stability. Pyrotechnics, headbanging, sweaty DJ sets under the sun – whatever, and that hair survived. How the hell is that even possible, you might ask?

Mim has provided us with an exclusive step-by-step guide to their delicious offering to finally answer this burning question. She's even shortlisted her supplies. Check it out here:

How To Get Mim Nervos Mohawk: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Wash your hair and then dry it with a hairdryer.

2. After that, I usually stain it with the powder. I move bit by bit, usually starting from the center of my head because that's where the hair is longest. It takes the most bulk to keep it firm and straight and hard.

3. Gunk it with more powder.

4. Spray each side with the freezer spray.

5. Tease each side of the mohawk except the top so it doesn't look like a ball of fur. I just work my way forward until the mohawk is almost done.

6. Then I take a hair dryer and point it in the direction the mohawk should go. I spray it again with the super strong hold hairspray and comb it through to get the nice straight line. Voila!

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