How Club Restricted Promo Gets Your Electronic Tracks to the Right Audience -
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The dance music advertising organization Club Restricted Promo has one goal in mind: to get your music to the right audience.

Artists need to have a marketing plan behind every song release – they can't just drop new music into the airwaves and expect it to explode. It is for this reason that the company's mission is rooted in the belief that "an unannounced song is as good as an unreleased song". And with a team of seasoned music hosts, producers, and curators who have worked with hundreds of artists from around the world, they have the tools and experience to take a track viral.

Club Restricted Promo leverages its vast network of DJs, public radio stations, Spotify playlist curators, YouTube channel owners and blogs to distribute music and grow its presence worldwide. However, one of the company's unique selling points is its meticulous Spotify promotion services, which provide organic advertising to artists through active playlists with engaging listeners.

While electronic dance music is its bread and butter, under the contemporary music umbrella, the advertising company offers services in a variety of genres, including hip-pop, pop, and rock. Their ultimate goal is to expand the reach of a song to a global level – something they have done time and again with their world-class platform.

You can find more information about the limited club promotion here.


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