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The hunt for what ODESZA is up to next just got a lot more interesting now.

Earlier in the week, the duo got fans high with a cryptic new teaser. Not only did their followers go insane at the prospect of new music, but the intensity skyrocketed as many believed the move signaled the impending end of ODESZA. The notion of departure gained momentum because they used the phrase "Welcome to The Last Goodbye."

Luckily for those worried about the duo's future, today's news might offer a small reprieve. While her first teaser greeted fans to "The Last Goodbye," her latest thoughts mused, "Is there ever a last goodbye?"

The new developments required some serious research to decipher. Over on the Foreign Family Collective Discord server, a member noticed an update to ODESZA's dedicated "TLG" microsite. Then they discovered a new password-protected URL. Entering the code "tlg" – either on the website or via SMS – triggered the sending of a reversed audio clip. This process was further explained on the Discord server:

Not long after, ODESZA itself would share the code to help spread the word.

After fans turned the tune, he revealed a 30-second audio snippet featuring footage of ODESZA's Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight in their youth. The sentimental moments are set against a dramatic, reverberant soundscape that feels like a signature track from the duo.

As of the writing of this review, Mama still knows when ODESZA will be releasing new music or returning to the tour. Here you can keep up to date with the latest developments and join the hunt for more clues.


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