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The phrase "break a leg" recently took on a new meaning for Hannah Wants.

The famous British DJ and electronic music vet recently broke her leg in a freak scooter accident in Ibiza where she was about to perform for the first time in 16 months. Unfortunately, Wants' first broken bone prevented her from filming at Ibiza Rocks and Cafe Mambo, two of Ibiza's most famous clubbing destinations.

But even a broken leg couldn't stop her from taking the stage at her first festival appearance since the outbreak of the pandemic. With the help of tequila and mummy-like bandages, she put down a monster DJ set at Wonderwood, a boutique music festival in Preston.

"So my entire tour schedule was suspended for 16 months, and just three weeks before I could hang up for the first time since the COVID madness, I broke my leg in a scooter accident on the white island of Ibiza," Wants told worldmusic.blog.

"I had booked a club and festival in the UK for the opening weekend and I was literally not going to miss my first gigs and my first chance to play in front of an audience," she continued. "I have a boot on my leg, I had a stool behind the decks to rest on, and the energy of the people – and a couple of tequilas – took all the pain away!"

Wants has a number of UK shows planned for the near future, the dates of which can be found here.


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